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We believe both islands need to evolve so the tourism-based economy can coexist harmoniously.

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“Ibiza is a land of clichés : techno, drugs and excess for most people. But it is much more than that.

After discovering it 10 years ago, we fell in love with it.

Wild coves, hiking, agro-tourism, hippie culture, turquoise sea, kids friendly, gastronomy, spirituality and preserved nature, all ingredients for happiness are here.

Our story is that of a French family who offers to take you in its wake to fill your memories with new clichés.”

Claire-Eva & Julien

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"Discovering the island's treasures without the clichés : Nature, family, slow, agro-tourism, biodiversity, eco brand"

― Le Petit Ibiza
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Our Mission

We want to promote the island for its unique qualities, natural beauty, soul, advances in eco-tourism, responsible consumption and harmony between people and the environment.

At Le Petit Ibiza, we have never performed an acquisition campaign : our entire community has been built up through word of mouth.

We get involved, we venture, we test.

We don’t relay press kits. We find the proposals ourselves thanks to our network.

“Classic outfits under the colors of Ibiza, highlighting the beauty of the island, its fauna, flora and landscapes..”



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