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While Es Cavallet is best known as Ibiza’s gay and nudist beach, it actually caters to a much larger audience.

A cove located in the south of the island, more precisely in the Ses Salines Natural Park, Es Cavallet also attracts couples and families thanks to its golden sands, crystal clear waters, and magnificent landscapes surrounded by nature.

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Es Cavallet, an avant-garde beach

Es Cavallet which is also written “C’est Cavallet” was the very first official nudist beach in Ibiza, a pioneering beach in Spain that allowed this new practice at the time.

It is therefore over the years that Es Cavallet Beach has become an example of tolerance and a place also known to the international gay community, where holidaymakers and other visitors can enjoy the beach with or without swimsuits now.

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Es Cavallet, a beach with a history

Es Cavallet means “little horse” in Spanish, the name of this beach actually refers to the time when a small horse was present to turn the wheel that was right at the entrance to the beach.

It was thanks to this wheel and its mechanism that the surrounding ponds were able to be filled with water several years ago and produce the famous Ibiza salt.

Es Cavallet, a beach with 3 atmospheres

  • All types of the public are present on Es Cavallet beach because it is actually divided into three different environments:
  • The first sector near the parking lot is the most familiar. This is the place where families enjoy peace and shade with their children.
  • The second sector in the middle corresponds to the nudist zone.
  • The third part is a benchmark for LGBT tourism.
    So you will have understood it, inhabitants, tourists, famous people, all types of profiles love to enjoy Es Cavallet beach.


Es Cavallet, for nature lovers


Es Cavallet beach is located in the heart of a lush forest of pines and junipers, its status as a protected area makes it an area devoid of any building, you will find only three restaurants very well integrated into the landscape: the Chiringay, le Chiringuito and La Escollera.

Swimmers will be able to bathe in the transparent waters of the beach while sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to take advantage of the frequent winds in the area which make it a good reference point for beginners and experienced surfers.


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Es Cavallet, a beach with everything you need


Es Cavallet remains a very popular beach, especially during the high season, in particular thanks to its infrastructures.

You will find everything you need for a pleasant day at the beach: paid parking at the entrance, hammock service, umbrellas, showers, beach volleyball nets, and even clothing and beach shops!

A guard is also present to ensure the safety of the beach.

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