The Most Instagrammable Restaurants on the White Island

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Follow us on a journey through the most Instagrammable restaurants of Ibiza. Discover the mixed tastes of the island surrounded by astonishing settings. These aesthetic decorations, mesmerizing views and charming table settings will definitely be a special part of your trip memories.

We share will you 10 proposals ideal for any occasion and companions. Our selection will delight you through all your senses; you will want to repeat it the next day!


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Bottega Il Buco

The little sister of Manhattan’s Il Buco is here to bring you back in time through their charming roman-wine bar setting. Their restaurant is filled with vintage objects and handmade terracota, creating a warm atmosphere that can only be completed by their Italian specialities with Spanish influence.

This rustic eatery in Santa Gertrudis outstands by their deliciously freshly made foccacias, perfect to share with a good wine. All their dishes are made with local and Italian produce, bringing up their greatest flavors for a perfect meal.


Address: Carrer Vénda de Parada, 12, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Schedule: Tuesday ‑ Saturday, 12h till 22h


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The Giri Cafe

Meet one of our favorite agro-tourism ambassadors.

Behind its classic and extremely modest façade lies a magical place, a tastefully decorated restaurant in the village of San Juan. Enter their magical garden surrounded by their own vegetable patch to enjoy one of their mouth melting creations.

Their seasonal dishes are made with organic and seasonal products from the “Giri Farm”, a bucolic setting ideal for a convivial moment with family or friends. 


Address: Plaza de España, 5, 07810 San Juan Bautista

Schedule: Wednesday ‑ Monday, 10h till 23h & till 18h on Sundays 


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Es Cucons

Located in Santa Agnés valley, Es Cucons is a luxurious haven of happiness. 

A typical Finca dating back to 1652 holding a charmful agrotourism restaurant surrounded by their sunny gardens.

Their wide range of offerings will suit all tastes with an extended selection of salads and vegetarian plates, all made from quality products sourced from the market. They can also prepare vegetarian or children’s menus upon request in advance.


Address: Cami Des Pla de Corona, 110, 07828 Santa Agnès de Corona

Schedule: Everyday, 13h30 till 23h


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Discover this beautiful country-chic Farm-to-table restaurant located between Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel. 

Surround yourself with their romantic terraces while enjoying the slow pace of the island’s north with a delicious bite from their cuisine. Their dishes are made with produce freshly picked from their garden, offering simple healthy options full of taste. May you love it, they have a space dedicated to the sale of local products.


Address: Carr. de San Miquel, km 9, 9, 07815 Sant Miquel de Balansat

Schedule: Everyday, 12h till 00h


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Perfectly positioned on the stunning Cala Nova bay, this beach restaurant in the North of the Island promises panoramic views across the Mediterranean sea from its wooden-decked terraces.

Their freshly modern natural setting is accompanied by their delicious healthy dishes. Their menu is based on fresh organic produce from their garden with Eastern Mediterranean influences.

Lastly, it is to note that everything disposable in Aiyanna is 100% organic and made from renewable or recycled materials, and we applaud it!


Address: Playa de, Av. Cala Nova, 07850 Eivissa

Schedule: Everyday, 10h30 till 00h


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La Paloma

Located in the charming little village of San Lorenzo, La Paloma family wants you to feel at home. 

Relax yourself at their citrus trees garden with a piece of homemade Italian fusion cuisine. Their small menus are composed for greater freshness according to the local market and seasons. Their dishes are simple but full of flavor, dedication and quality.

Their tastes are made from a broad mix of a mediterranean base blend with middle-eastern, asian, and north African ingredients. The house speciality is their focaccia bread and they have vegetarian options available.


Address: Carrer Can Pou, 4, 07812 Sant Llorenç de Balàfia

Schedule: Everyday, 12h30 till 16h30 & 19h30 till 00h00


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Cala Bonita

Right on the north of the island, hidden at one of its plenty secret beaches, you’ll find Cala Bonita. 

This decade’s old restaurant is a restored gem transformed into a rustic – bohemian chic open air space for a perfect summer time meal. 

It’s menu is based on local produce and the beloved mediterranean flavours. In their dishes you’ll find the perfect equilibrium between traditional and contemporary cuisine. Their expertise on the grill will definitely please any palate. Complete your tastes with the gorgeous ocean views from their terrace, and then you will definitely be enjoying a perfect time. 

Note that booking is essential.


Address: Playa de s’Estanyol, s/n, 07819

Schedule: Everyday, 13h till 17h


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La Oliva

A classic of the Ibizan summer and positioned with a vibrant Instagram friendly back drop, you’ll find La Oliva at the heart of Eivissa’s old town.

Taste their delicious mediterranean cuisine with asian influences from their terrace and admire the traditional Ibiza atmosphere surrounding you.

This is definitely a spot not to miss out from your lens.


Address: Carrer de la Santa Creu, 2, 07800 Eivissa

Schedule: Everyday, 18h30 till 1h


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Atzaró Beach

Surrounded by orange groves and palm trees you’ll locate Atzaró Beach at Cala Nova beach.

Sit in front of their stunning sea views to relax under Ibiza’s summer melodies. Their decor follows a boho style from which you’ll get the best pictures.

Their menu is full of healthy and vegetarian options made with organic vegetables from their garden. You’ll surely find what you crave with them.

Wanna share? Just dip into any of their many tapas, it is assured you will find what you’re looking for.


Address: Playa, Av. Cala Nova, s/n, 07849

Schedule: Everyday, 9h till 00h


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Get on board of Roto at the center of Ibiza’s marina!

This night restaurant seems to float over Ibiza’s water thanks to its ideal location, letting you enjoy from the best views of Ibiza and its sunsets. Enjoy the most beautiful evenings from their terrace while dinning or having a fabulous cocktail.


Address: Paseo Juan Carlos I, 07800 Ibiza

Schedule: Everyday, 19h till 4h


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L’ Atelier N°74

Meet L’Atelier N°74 at the small village of Santa Gertrudis, a place to develop your creativity to the fullest while enjoying a idillic meal.

Their options are several, you can enjoy their cuisine at their garden, with their fabulous food truck service or even with a take away! Their recipes are inspired by the chefs childhood memories and grandma specialities. Freshness is assure with them, since most of their ingredients are bio and farm-to-table.


Address: C, Carrer Venda de Fruitera, n°4, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Schedule: Everyday, 9h30 till 20h



Photos: Bottega Il Buco, Ibiza Hot Spots_, Es Cucons, Aubergine, Arbiter Travel,  La Paloma, Janinekho, La Oliva, Atzaró Beach, Roto, Ruth Sanz F.

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