Interview with Mathilde @gypsetfancylife

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As part of our guide, we interviewed for you the influencers who went to the island and wanted to transcribe their trip with us. 

They answered us naturally and transported us in their emotions.

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5 questions about Ibiza

What do you hear most of the time about the reputation of the island of Ibiza ?

Nothing negative anyway, but I always had the thought of “partying” as if that was all there was to it…


What made you want to go to the island ?

Social networks, people I follow were showing the beaches, the wild side, the nature, the beauty of the island and then I said to myself I have to go there ! 

I already loved Corsica and then I understood that I would love Ibiza ! Finally I wanted to make my own experience.


What did you post during your stay that caught the attention of your followers ?

I posted my whole road trip around the island, we took a quad bike and it’s just the best way to get around! I loved it !
My followers loved discovering ibiza from this angle, coves, beaches, concepts, restaurants, …. !


What was your favorite place on the island ?

I loved Cala Gracioneta, and all those roads crossed in quad across the island, discovering beaches, secret corners, being alone on a small road, etc …

I could not do everything, some spots were missed but I intend to return this summer and not 1 week but 2 if possible, and do Palma.


What did you find different from your other trips ?

You feel at home, finally the life corresponds to me so much there that I saw myself living there directly.
And I added to my to do list “buy/build a house there”.


Can you give 3 places you would recommend for other travelers ?

I would recommend doing the whole island except the main road with all the clubs in eivissa (laughs)!

The center of eivissa I loved ! Formentera, Cala Gracioneta, and the Hippies market of course… 

Es Vedra feels like a fantasy land 🧚🏻. Not a week goes by that I don't think about returning, living and creating in Ibiza 🏝

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Visit to Atelier 74 in Santa Gertrudis. Photo by @Gypsetfancylife

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Beach of Cala Saladeta. © Photo by @Gypsetfancylife

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Mathilde discovering the beach of Sa Caleta. Photo by @Gypsetfancylife

About @Gypsetfancylife

I am passionate about photography, fashion, decoration and travel.

I love to discover new horizons and ways of life, … I soak up everything I see in the world to create my own “Lifestyle” (thanks to the internet, social networks and my curiosity).

My lifestyle is the opposite of the stressful life in Paris. Yes, I’m the kind of person who sits in front of my computer with a good tea, browsing Google looking for new trends, new styles, brands, universes and magical destinations or places.

You can also find me on a towel at the beach (visually I won’t do anything but in my head I will surely think of a new concept, a new idea to develop!)oogle


fauteuil emmanuelle gypsetlife blog
fauteuil emmanuelle gypsetlife blog

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