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As part of our guide, we interviewed for you the influencers who went to the island and wanted to transcribe their trip with us. 

They answered us naturally and transported us in their emotions.

image25 questions about Ibiza

What do you hear most about the reputation of the island of Ibiza?
“It’s a party, the big nonsense”.
But also, “It’s a magical place we feel good everything is beautiful everything is good people are nice “

What made you want to go to the island?
Was pure chance, I followed a boyfriend who worked at night and I fell in love with the island, but not with all its madness, but with the other side that also exists in Ibiza, that is to say, something extremely benevolent, gentle, special and mystical
especially in the north of the island.

What did you post while you were there that caught your followers’ attention?
Is the sublime beach, the sea but especially the incredible people that we meet there, with improbable looks coming from everywhere in the world. It is one of the only places that I know where it gathers the whole world without exception.

What did you find different from your other trips?
Is that first of all you don’t have to fly for hours and hours to find yourself in paradise, that’s priceless and then you feel free, you feel recharged with lots of good NRJ, it’s quite powerful I think with S Vedras and then when you leave you keep this energy for a long time and believe me we don’t need it in Paris.

Can you give 3 places that you would recommend for other travelers?
Caleta with its red grounds all around which plunges in turquoise water and then the center of the island one would believe oneself in Normandy sometimes and well on the north where is all the hippies of the 70s for some there is a very sympathetic Dutch community it is necessary to see all in Ibiza there is not a place to throw!

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