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As part of our guide, we interviewed for you the influencers who went to the island and wanted to transcribe their trip with us.

They answered us naturally and transported us in their emotions.

6 questions about Ibiza

What do you hear most of the time about the reputation of the island of Ibiza ?

I think everyone has the same idea about Ibiza: it’s a party island, where you only go to party and drink a cocktail on the beach… A sort of small paradise for those who want to spend their holidays with friends !

What made you want to go to the island ?

To be perfectly honest, Ibiza was basically a default choice. We wanted to go to Europe for three days in the autumn, and the flights to Ibiza were among the cheapest.

We went there without really knowing what we would find, apart from bars and beaches full of sunbeds.

In the end, Ibiza was an incredible surprise! We questioned all our clichés about the island and found it absolutely beautiful.

What did you post during your stay that caught your followers’ attention ?

I think that as I was sharing, my followers were as surprised as we were: many reacted in story or post comments, telling me that they didn’t expect to find such beautiful landscapes in Ibiza.

What was your favourite place on the island ?

Without hesitation the beach of Sa Caleta, with its red rocks and especially its small tunnel in the rock, which leads to a magnificent view of the sea.

What did you find different from your other trips ?

I usually know exactly what to expect when I go somewhere: here I had no idea. It was a default destination (which is the first time this has happened) that I arrived at without knowing anything about.

Can you give 3 places that you would recommend to other travellers ?

Without hesitation, the beach of Sa Caleta, because it was my favourite place.

I also loved the viewpoint of Es Vedra (which you have to do both during the day and at sunset because both are beautiful) and finally the beautiful view of Sant Vincent beach.

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