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As part of our guide, we interviewed for you the influencers who went to the island and wanted to transcribe their trip with us. 

They answered us naturally and transported us in their emotions.

5 questions about Ibiza

What do you hear most of the time about the reputation of the island of Ibiza?
“Ah, you’re going to party! “. So this island is mostly known for the nightlife and its excesses!

What made you want to go to the island?
It was a destination quite close to our country (only 2 hours by plane), in the sun with beautiful water. And when we booked, the prices were right! We were looking for “paradise”.

What did you post during your stay that caught your followers’ attention?
The landscapes and the colour of the water! My community loved this kind of sharing!

What was your favourite place on the island?
Without hesitation, Es Vedra! Its beach, its landscape and its sunset, a pure wonder!

What did you find different from your other trips?
It’s complicated to say, because I’ve been to totally different destinations (Lapland, Egypt … ). I will say that I have never seen so many topless people on the beach (laughs). No kidding, I found different people, all gathered for the same thing: great spots and partying!

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