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As part of our guide, we interviewed for you the influencers who went to the island and wanted to transcribe their trip with us. 

They answered us naturally and transported us in their emotions.

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5 questions about Ibiza

When did you first come to Ibiza? What was your first impression of the island?
I visited Ibiza for the first time in 2013 for a holiday with my boyfriend. From the moment I arrived on the island I fell in love. The beautiful nature, variety in bays and little villages, but most of all the energy of the island gave me an instant ‘home’ feeling. I was there for 8 days and definitely made the most of it. I saw new bays every day, did a hike and hired a boat to get as close as we could to the magical Es Vedra. The guy who rented the boat at that time told us that if the boat would stop behind Es Vedra we had to stay on the island. And that happend. The engine stopped and from that moment I couldn’t stop thinking about living on the island. 9 months later we moved to Ibiza to try it for a year. But that was almost 8 years ago. 

What makes Ibiza so charming for you? What are your links with the island?  
The little bays, tiny little paths to walk through the hills, magical coves and rocks, and the nature that offers so much variety on such a small island. Even after many years I still am amazed and surprised by new spots I find. 

I had no official connection with Ibiza before I visited it. I have no family living here, although it felt like I created a Ibizan family very soon when I came to live on the island. When you share the love for the island and decide to make a choice based on a great quality of life you have a lot in common. That definitely helped making friends quickly.

What are your favorite places on the island?
I have quite a lot of favorite places on the island. But I’ll try to light out a few. Cala Mastella remains one of my favorite bays on the island, because that’s where I got married 6 years ago. It will always be a special bay for me with the green rocky side and the charming boats in front of the bay. Made unforgettable memories there. 

Cala Saladeta is also one of my favorite bays. It’s a pity it became so popular in summertime that you needed to take a shuttle to the bay as it became too busy at the parking. Therefore I always love to go early or late season or in peak season really early in the morning. The sand is so soft and light, the water of the bay is so beautiful turquoise, it really feels like paradise there. Each year I’ll go for my first swim in March/April to this bay. 

Cala Escondida, this small bay with the eco chiringuito has all you could wish for. Stunning sunsets, delicious cocktails and some healthy simple food while the golden hour starts. It might be a nude beach, but also quite a lot of people do wear swimwear. To me it is a perfect mix of the hippy ibiza feeling where everyone can be who he wants to be. 

And last but not least, Sa Talaia. Once I walk up to the highest point of Ibiza overlooking almost the whole island I feel so grateful and happy to be able to live on the island. 

How would you describe Ibiza to someone who has never heard of it? 
Ibiza is a little paradise island in the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a perfect mix of little villages, a lovely countryside and over 55 little and bigger bays with different vibes and feelings. It’s an island you love instantly or you do not feel it at all. Some think the island is mainly a party island, but I can tell you, it is so much more. Whether you come and travel to Ibiza with kids, friends or as older people. The island offers enough to do for everyone. 

Funny little fact might be that I have been twice in a club in Ibiza. I am not much of a party person (although I love organising it) but appreciate that it is possible here for those who want to.


What measures would you propose to preserve the island?
That has been a question that I thought of more and more during the covid lockdown. That’s why we started our own vegetable garden. But of course there are so many things you can do. Be careful with using water, respect nature at all times by not leaving trash anywhere. But also recycle trash where you can. The island is becoming more and more aware of that.

I also prefer to buy local products where I can. Terra Masia and other farms offer a healthy box with delicious herbs, fruits and veggies that grow that time of year

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