Interview with Ana Lui, Ibiza Photographer

Le Petit Ibiza Interview AnaLui

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We are opening a new section to introduce you to the personalities that make the island of Ibiza. β˜€οΈ

The creators behind the scenes invent, create, and produce places and products that contribute to the magic of the island. 🌴

We are pleased to continue with one of the most famous photographers in Ibiza: Ana Lui

Contacted by the most beautiful places on the island for her unique talent, she shoots hotels, Finca, restaurants, landscapes, and portraits for years.

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7 questions about Ibiza to Ana Lui

You come from Warsaw. When did you first come to Ibiza? What was your first impression of the island?

I came to Ibiza for the very first time back in 1998 when I was 16 years old with my high school friend and I remember going to Pacha and seeing Bob Sinclar playing from 3 decks (only vinyl back then) and the whole club was going bananas.

Ibiza was the ultimate freedom, losing yourself to music, sunsets, and drinking cardboard sangrias on the rocks in front of CafΓ© Del Mar.

I fell in love with the island life and moved to Ibiza straight after finishing my photography and media arts degree in the UK.

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui3

You are one of the most famous photographers on the island. You know how to put the beauty of the island with a unique touch. Is there specificity in Ibiza for a photographer? A particular light?

I’ve been living and shooting in Ibiza for the last 15 years but I still feel I don’t have many photos of the landscapes or the beautiful coastline and nature of Ibiza.

I’m a commercial photographer and most of my commissioned jobs are businesses, private properties, and events.

Ibiza is a source of stunning natural light and the ultimate Mediterranean feel.

When I shot on medium format film for 3 years, refusing to use digital, I would insist on shooting only during sunrise or sunset hours.

It was great for my personal work and brands but for commercials and events I had to learn fast how to shoot in any light conditions even the harshest midday light.

Ibiza definitely thought me how to observe and be sensitive to the sunlight around me. Each time of the day tells a different story.

TB Cocotero 25 1

What difference do you see between Mallorca and Ibiza?

Mallorca in my opinion is a more grown-up version of Ibiza.

It has more artisans, art galleries, a stronger all-year-round community of creatives and artists.

It has beautiful architecture and it feels like a vibrant city still keeping the island lifestyle.

What I miss about Ibiza the most are the hidden coves without a soul even during the peak season, being able to drive anywhere in 30 min, and knowing the island inside out. Mallorca is still a mystery to me.

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Condenast Traveler?

CondΓ© Nast Traveller approached me back in 2016 and my first commissioned story was the Canary Island feature when I also got my first cover.

Working for CNTraveller is a dream.

I have grown so much, learned so much, and traveled to so many incredible places.

I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and so happy to be on their masthead team.

CanDomo SMALLRES 202

What are the places you prefer to shoot on the island?

On my day off I never take the camera with me πŸ™‚

I absolutely love my job and I thrive when I’m behind the camera but I really don’t get to shoot much apart from the commissioned jobs I take.

I wish I had more time to photograph the entire coastline and the most iconic places on the island such as Es Vedra at different times of the day,

Cala Comte in the winter, almond blossom, Dalt Vila on a moody cloudy day, cute fishing huts scattered around the island…

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui2

What advice would you give to amateur photographers who would like to photograph the island?

Shoot a lot! Have fun. Try different light, sunrise, sunset, and strong midday shadows. If you don’t like it don’t press the button. Make sure you are falling in love with each frame.

If it doesn’t please you visually simply don’t shoot it. It’s all about having fun and capturing the beauty around us.

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui4

You like vegetarian and vegan addresses. What are your favorite places in Ibiza?

Yes, I’m pescatarian but I’m also lactose and gluten-free. My favorite places are Passion Cafe, Lana always has amazing GF, keto, vegan options, and killer vegan protein smoothies, matcha lattes, and immunity boosters.

Passion Cafe was the first place on the island to serve plant-based milk and detox juices. They also do the best breakfast on the island.

I also love Eat Is Life for a quick healthy lunch, La Paloma of course day time and nighttime.

Loving the GF options at the newly opened Standard Hotel Ibiza. I love Sushiya Aoyama for sushi. And Cala Bonita for garbanzo flour calamari πŸ™‚

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui6

What are your sources of inspiration in your work?

My biggest inspiration is yoga, breathwork, and quantum healing which I really believe in and practice every day.

Having my daily routine keeps me connected to my inner self, it makes me more confident, stress-free, and centered.

This state of mind automatically affects everything I do, everything I touch, and everything I surround myself with.

My photography is an extension of how I see the world around me and it’s super important for me to always be positive, full of light, manifesting beautiful clients, amazing travels, and inspiring people!

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui5

What makes Ibiza so charming for you? What are your links with the island?Β Β 

Ibiza is the ultimate freedom. In all the meaning of the word freedom.

You can meditate during the sunrise, hike around the island, receive profound healing surrounded by nature and you can dance the whole night wearing hills at a private party next to a very well-known supermodel.

Ibiza always gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui7

What measures would you propose to preserve the island?

PreCovid there was a strong movement to ban plastic on the island.

There are so many issues that the island is facing from not having much water, dealing with millions of tourists every summer (managing waste, the destruction of the sea grass, and supplying food not available on the island) to encouraging all the big hotels and businesses to become more sustainable.

You can support the amazing work that the Ibiza Preservation Fund is doing and also have a look at the PlasticFreeIbiza movement.

There are so many ways to support island-based charities!

Le PEtit Ibiza Ana Lui8

What is your secret address on the island?

Secretes are best kept secret πŸ™‚

Credit : Ana Lui Photography

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