Interview with Francesca, Yoga & Ayurvedic Therapist

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We are opening a section to introduce you to the personalities that make the island of Ibiza. ☀️

We are pleased to continue with our favorite Ibiza Yoga & Ayurvedic Therapist: Francesca. 


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Meet one of our favorite Ibiza yoga teachers!


When did you first come to Ibiza? 

In 2005, I spent a really “standard holiday week” with a friend in Ibiza.

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What made you fall in love with Ibiza? 

A couple of Italian friends came to live here about 12 or more years ago. Due to this, I was coming to Ibiza 3 / 4 times per year.

I started to feel this “energy” of the island everyone speaks of. Every time I was back, I could find a part of my real self; I was connecting more and more with my inner being, the island, and the Universe. Every time I was back in Italy, I felt sad and uncomfortable. While every time I was back on the island, everything felt better and better. I felt free and balanced. 

In October 2017, a big change happened to my life. As it is said: before comes the emotion, then our mind projects the event or the image. My soul created a very uncomfortable situation to let me change my life completely. The company I was working for was suddenly bought, and all the management changed. That day I felt a voice screaming “go to Ibiza “ inside of my heart and mind. I took the decision to leave everything, to leave my Italy, family, friends, and job. I went to Bali with my Italian yoga teacher. After doing a short English course in London, I packed my Mini car with all my stuff, took a boat, and came to live here, where my life started for the second time.


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How did your yoga life journey start?

Here in Ibiza, I got the first call to approach Yoga. I was seeing many people practicing on the beach and felt the need to start. Once here, I was practicing 4/5 times per week and I was try to find my own style.  One day I decided to go to India to attend an official TTC, and there the magic happened.

During my pilgrimage to India, everything inside me changed: my ideas, my attitude, and my approach to Yoga. I felt the need to combine my yogic life with my job life.


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Which of your several experiences would you recommend to yoga beginners?  Why?  

The real important thing is to learn to breathe correctly. If you observe a newborn, this is able to breathe with in a correct flow,. We unlearn to breathe due to our chaotic life, as we are running here and there, and we lose the connection with our inner bing and self. So it is really important learning how to practice the Yogic breathe:  “inhale, fill the abdomen, then the chest, and then exhale from the chest first and suck your belly in”. Feel a coherence between your breathe and your heart beets. The physical practice comes later. You can really experience a good practice if you are really able to breathe correctly.

Forget the perfection. Just connect with your breathe, stay in the present moment and breathe deeply. The rest will come itself naturally.


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Which is are your favorite activities from those you propose? Which would you consider the most special among them?

I love the one to one sessions. Every person that arrives on my path is special. Every being has different needs, and I love empathize with them and canalize during the practice to allow them to flow, release tensions, find the balance peace of mind and love towards themself. I also learn a lot from every single person, which is deeply enriching. 


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Could you tell us a little bit about your several Retreats? 

This year I started a Company under my name called Ibiza Mystica. We provide an exclusive personalized retreat experience in different formulas: mobile retreats going to people’s houses, corporate retreats for companies, a one-day retreat, and 4, 7, or more days retreat in a charming Villa in Ibiza. 

We embrace people interested in learning, developing, and implementing a conscious lifestyle; in harmony with nature and focused on the health of body, mind, and soul. 

Our goal is to provide people with an experience of inner life that leads them towards an intimate union with a different, higher reality. A union with the Divine, where they are out of their comfort zone but still feel comfortable because they are welcome and supported on their individual journey. Everyone is welcome – no previous experience is required.


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Do you have any incoming project you would like to tell us about?

Sure, the Shamanic Retreat on 16ht October. This is not a standard retreat.

This retreat program is for people who want to go deeper into themselves and reconnect with their lost wild side, nature, and the Universe. We offer many experiences besides shamanic yoga: Wataflow, Temazcal, Shamanic ceremonies, Walking meditations, Sound bath therapies, Massage, Nutrition course, and many others. This is a unique opportunity to experience a real change and a deep connection with nature and its true selves. 


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Which would be your recommendations for a full Ibiza experience away from the party spectrum?

Come in April, May, September, and October, during the low season. Stay in the north of the island to be quieter. Rent a car and visit a couple of beaches per day. Stop at the old-style bars to enjoy “los paieses” people from Ibiza, experience little chirinquitos, book yoga classes in several places, have a massage, enjoy a sound bath close to Es Vedra, … No rush, enjoy every little moment, and if you cannot do everything just come back. Ibiza is always here. Look at the moon and the stars, here the sky is different.


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Which spots from the island do you like the most? Why?

I never get tired of ibiza. Every beach is amazing, and every field is magical. For sure, I do love better the north of the island for its pure energy.


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Could you let us know more about the initiatives you’re taking on in favor for the island’s natural preservation?

I Donate money to the organization to protect and regenerate Ibiza’s precious land and sea, and I try to be a conscious human being. I also separate the garbage at home and try to collect the waste I find on the beach, on the road, and into the sea. 


Official Site :

Shamanic Retreats: HERE

Instagram: @francescayoga_ibizamystica


Photo: Francesca Marchioro, Sofia Gomez Fonzo.

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