Interview with Patricia Maranon founder Florandoando

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We are opening a new section to introduce you to the personalities that make the island of Ibiza. ☀️

We are pleased to continue with the floral designer Patricia Marañon (florando.ando).




7 questions about Ibiza to Patricia


When did you first come to Ibiza? What was your first impression of the island?

Since I was a child, I spent my summers in the Balearic Islands. We have a family house in Mallorca.

I first came to Ibiza 35 years ago with some friends. We had so much fun getting to know the island, the nightclubs, hippy markets, beautiful beaches, and secret coves.

I fell in love with Ibiza. From that moment, I started to spend time between the 2 islands. I had an absolute feeling of freedom here that I had not found anywhere else.




Can you present us Florando? How was the adventure born?

Florando Ando is a passion that became a profession just a few years ago.

I went to London to study at Aesme Estudio, a well reputated Floral studio.

I chose them because their approach to floristry embodied how I wanted to do it myself: sustainable floristry. Then I did a course with the amazing floral designer Gabriela, La Musa de las Flores.

She encouraged me to carry on. Carlos, my husband and partner, and I decided from the beginning to grow slowly to be able to enjoy every step of the path.




Can you tell us about the flowers that grow on the island, which you cultivate for your compositions?

I like to use wildflowers and local branches in my arrangements, and bring the nature around me into my designs.

Two years ago, we started growing our own organic flowers in our small but generous orchard, as our approach to floral design is to be as sustainable as possible.

We have never used floral foam, which is as bad for the environment as plastic. Besides, nothing like using your own flowers!

Being new in this magic world of growing flowers, we are learning every day and going through hundreds of errors.

Watching the flowers grow is a blessing. But growing organic flowers is also a huge challenge.

Im so excited about growing again our dahlias and other flowers this summer. This Spring, we had gorgeous anemones, iris, daffodils, and ranunculus.




What are your sources of inspiration in your work?

My main source of inspiration is nature. Art is as well.

I studied History of Art at university and worked in the art world for a couple of years.

I love Matisse, Frida Kahlo, The old Dutch Masters, and so many others.

I feel very in tune with the Wabi Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic concept based on the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and the transience of things.


What makes Ibiza so charming for you? What are your links with the island?

I love the secret coves, the pristine water, the Mediterranean landscape, the mix of different nationalities, dancing, the carob trees, and the vibe of the island. I love the island off-season, spending winter here with long morning walks on the beach and evenings by the fireplace.

Ibiza has been my home since I moved 9 years ago from Madrid. I have a happy life here. I feel very lucky to have been able to build a life on this island.

I live in the countryside, where I met my husband and adopted my dog. I sleep siestas under a very old carob tree and work with flowers. I thank the Universe every day!





What measures would you propose to preserve the island?

Ibiza has major environmental issues.

We have a big water problem, far too many tourists with zero environmental awareness, too much and bad managing of waste, too many big boats destroying the seabed and the Posidonia, a huge food dependency from the mainland, and many other important issues which should be a priority in the agenda of the politics.

Long-term vision politicians and strict environmental laws. Politicians should also support organic farmers, permaculture and regenerative farming, and other environmental projects with great proposals. There is so much work to do.


What is your secret address?

I have 2 secret addresses: the hotel Can Quince (@canquince)  and my favorite shop on the island, Darío Bome (@bomeibiza) at San Miguel. 


Florandoando Site :



Photo: Florando.and

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