Interview with Sofia Gomez Fonzo, Ibiza photographer

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We are opening a section to introduce you to the personalities that make the island of Ibiza. ☀️

We are pleased to continue with Sofia, Ibiza photographer. 


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9 questions about Ibiza to Sofia


You come from Chile. When did you first come to Ibiza?What was your first impression of the island?

I was born and raised in Chile. I first came to Ibiza on a 2007 holiday and arrived on my 20th birthday. It instantly felt like home: I was in love with the old town, the beaches, and the nightlife. I fell more in love with the free spirit, the crazy characters, and the hidden places. I went back home to finish my studies, and came to live here definitely in February of 2011.

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How did you start to make Ibiza your home place upon your arrival? (Make friends, find work, adapt to changes,…)

At the beginning everything was new and so exciting. It was also challenging, because I was away from the family and everything I ever knew. It was my first time living away from home, and I was 23 years old, full of dreams, and so happy to be here.

I studied graphic design and arts back home, so here I started working at an advertising agency in town, Konkordanz. I took the bus and rode my bike every day to work, and on my free times I’d go to the beach and to Space that was close by.

A year later, I started taking photos and designing for White Ibiza, and that’s how my career in photography was started. It all evolved very organically, meeting new people and seeing all the amazing places Ibiza has to offer. My work has helped me enter new worlds, and I’m really grateful for that.


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Which would you consider the most memorable spot for a picture on the island?

To me, a great spot is one where you have actually made your memories. It can be anywhere! I always like to ask my clients if there is any place they have close to their hearts. We all have our Ibiza stories, and the island is the best confidant.

If it’s their first time on the island, I always like to find somewhere that could resonate with them. I’ve had photoshoots in front of Es Vedra, in the countryside, in the forest, in front of DC10… it’s all about the vibes.


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How would you describe Ibiza and the feelings its triggers in you?

I feel like Ibiza is that place where you can be yourself. There are so many different things you can do and people you can meet. If you let yourself go and go with the flow, amazing things can happen. It’s quite a magical place, the people that are here want to be here. People love and live the island in their own way, and to me that makes it extra special.


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What advice would you give to amateur photographers who would like to photograph the island? 

See first with your eyes, then with the camera. Get inspired, then shoot. Live the island, then photograph it. You’ll get better photographs or, at least, they will mean something to you.


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In your website bio, you explain that you deeply know the island and its secrets. Could you tell us about some of these? 

Ibiza has many secrets of many kinds. I think every person has their own secret Ibiza because it’s so different for all of us. I’ve lived other people’s secrets, my own secrets, been to secret places… It’s been many years!

I’m a very open person though, so I can show you many of my secrets, but some of those are the island’s secrets and are only shown to the ones that go walking with you.

I always reveal less-known spots in my pictures, and if you ask me where it is, I might tell you…


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Could you tell us more about your Island Witch Crafts project?

Island Witch Crafts is a spiritual-creative project I started in 2020. It’s a platform where I can share different ‘healing-arts’ I create. It all evolves around the use of smoke and the elements through smoke cleansing bundles and incense made of plants of Ibiza that I collect in different places of the island. I later Reiki bless and craft in ritual, with intention, for others to have this moment of connection to themselves, their spirit and their elemental nature. Smoke is a great tool for cleansing, grounding and being present.

Island Witch Crafts has been the union of all my doings. I’m not only a photographer, but I’ve been an artist on different medias throughout my life. Then, thanks to photography, I connected to other practices like Reiki, gem therapy and yoga. So here I opened up this space where I can create something else with the elements and share it with others.


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Which would be your recommendations for a full Ibiza experience away from the party spectrum?

In Ibiza, you can do so many things… I love the party scene, but also many other aspects of this island. To me, an ideal day in nature will include yoga or movement with a lovely view or having a walk, while it’s still fresh outside, then getting a bocadillo and fruits at a local shop, going find a secluded beach away from the crowds, and float on the sea all day. When the sun goes down, find a good sunset spot like Punta Galera, Benirras, or in front of Es Vedra. Explore, get lost. I don’t really go to beach clubs or restaurants… I like to sit on the rocks and enjoy being part of nature. Simple island life is all about what it’s for me.


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Do you have any initiatives to help with the island’s natural preservation? 

I think we can all do something to contribute to sustainability, starting with our own consumption habits: by eating locally, buying things made on the island or at least in Spain (even if it’s a bit pricier, it’s so much better for everybody), taking care of the waste we leave on the land through our food and packagings, taking care of our fauna and flora, not using toxic sunscreens… there’s always more awareness and kindness that we can bring into our everyday lives.


Photography Site :

Instagram: @sofiagomezfonzo


Photo: Sofia Gomez Fonzo

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