Interview with Tara Sfez founder Numero74

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We are opening a new section to introduce you to the personalities that make the island of Ibiza. ☀️

We are pleased to continue with the Parisian founder of Numero 74 and of the institution L’Atelier 74: Tara.

atelier 74

7 questions about Ibiza to Tara

At the beginning of the adventure numero 74, it is the trust of a friend who asks you for your qualities of taste and decoration. Can you tell us about it?

Yes, it was in 2009, a friend of mine gave birth to twins in Italy and comment me that it is not that easy to find nice Baby room Deco which are not Pink and Blue!

I was passionate about Vintage and Craft so I decide to offer to my friend some Kids furnitures found in Paris Flea Market.

I begin to knit some wool blankets and create some cushions made with old bedsheets which where dyed in nice colors.

atelier 74 ibiza taller 202200

Many people wonder why the number 74. Is it the addition of your two ages at the time ?

Exactly, after this gift I made to my friend she asked me to begin a business together.

I love numbers so when arrive the time to find a name for this new adventure, we were at Merci place in Paris and i just pop up with this idea of adding up our age and here it is numero 74 was born.

Few years later, I discover that in 1974 i was 4 and a hard strong family storm broke me, I made peace with it and found the power of resilience, so I wonder if it is not the real meaning of this 74 number.

atelier 74 1 2

Can you tell us about the history of Manop? Is he still working with you?

You mean Khun Manop, Yes yes yes, he is definitively my asian Angel, I met Manop in 2006 in Chiang Mai.

My son Zac and I visited Chiang Mai twice a year because it was where living my son best friend, a baby elephant called Dunah, they were both born in 1999, they meet each other in 2002, and since they stayed connected.

Manop was the Tuk Tuk driver attached to the hotel we were staying and was driving us to visit Dunah.

After our first Tradeshow in Paris for Numero 74, a lot of orders in the pocket, and my 2 hands were not enough to be able to produce all these items, Manop and I decided to create a very specific hand production process involving women working at home.


atelier 74 1 3

When did you first come to Ibiza? What was your first impression of the island?

It was in 2009, invited by my friend Nathalie for holidays with my son…I have to say that I didn’t love it, mainly staying around Playa d’En bossa, no nice architecture, not feeling the culture.

Then I met Alberto an Osteopath who bring me all around the island, smelling Orange Blossom Azahar, walking in the Campo….And I deeply fell in love with the island!

atelier 74 1 2

Atelier 74 is a place to live, a place to create, a place to work, talk, eat, and discover things in the shop. How did you choose the location and create this place?

Yes, it is about all this and it is not that easy!

A few years ago I began to feel I wanted something more, not only producing, I found the essence that guided me: human empowerment, personal growth, and healing business. As soon as the vision was a bit clear

I look for a place, and in 2 days I found it. Santa Gertrudis was the place, a family village, with people all year long, it was evident, despite the huge amount of money (that I didn’t have) they asked for it, just to cross the door, we call it here Traspaso, I decide to go for it anyway, no experience, we were in June…completely crazy challenge, and my team at this moment was not really for this new adventure.

But my wish was bigger, so this is how l’Atelier was born.

When you enter Atelier 74, everything is beautiful and harmonious. The colors, the materials, the layout. How did this style come about?

I have no idea, I am just obsessed with colors, by vintage, it is the hardest for me to explain this process, there is, first of all, a big wish to make people feel at home.

What makes Ibiza so charming for you? What are your links with the island?

Nature first, I was born in Paris, and not really in contact with Nature before I came to Ibiza.

The sea, I am a mermaid, water is the best place to be.

Then come to Freedom, this island gives me a huge sense of freedom, the diversity of culture, the Ibizen can people, yes, they welcomed the hippies in the 70s when other islands had chased them away, I think it’s very revealing of the openness and tolerance of the people here.

And it is to them that we owe them this feeling of freedom.

atelier 74 1 4

In your restaurant, how do you manage to reconcile local production with the expectations of customers who like to have avocado or mango even though they do not grow on the island? Same thing with seasonal products.

We try to offer as much as possible local products, but it is through that not everything grow in Ibiza so we decide to not go extreme, we do what we can.

Do you know that Avocado grows here and are absolutely delicious

What measures would you propose to preserve the island?

Ba happy, I think it is the best measure we can take.
I am not the best at it, but as soon as I focus on myself instead of only working with my addiction, I found I don’t need much.

My house is quite small with Solar system, a breakfast and a swim in early morning Sunrise time 7am at Cala Conta next to Ses Roques before working and it is all what I need…now you know my secret address for Earlybird only!

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Credit photo: Milk Magazine / white Ibiza / Atelier 74


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