The Six Senses Hotel in Ibiza

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Freshly inaugurated in the fall of 2021, the new Six Senses hotel located on the bay of Xarraca demonstrates that Ibiza is not only a destination for partygoers.
The island also has an abundance of nature and cultivates a philosophy of craftsmanship and local cuisine, and it is for this facet of Ibiza that the new Six Senses hotel is leaning.


Six Senses: An arrival in a haven of peace


It is in the heart of 8 hectares of vegetation that you reach the entrance of the Six Senses hotel in Xarraca and proceed to an arrival like no other. A member of the team seats you comfortably on a bench and asks you to close your eyes and take a deep breath. He will spin a lit sage around you to ward off negative vibes, so you can begin your vacation in a state of well-being and letting go.

Six Senses Ibiza Pool scaled 1

Six Senses Ibiza, a signature architecture


When you are taken to your villa, suite or grotto overlooking the sea, you will find the small attentions, signatures of Six Senses: the insider’s guide to Ibiza on the bedside table, the bathrobes dotted with azure flowers and the pan con tomate as a token of welcome.
Each type of accommodation has a breathtaking view, a private terrace and a king-size bed.

Six Senses Ibiza Luxe Wellness Club 3

Six Senses Hotel: a program of activities focused on well-being


A pioneer in green hotels, the Six Senses group also distinguishes itself with an activity program focused on the well-being of vacationers. The Integrated Wellness program consists of various tests based on sensors and scales, allowing the precise needs of each person to be established according to their metabolism. The results of these tests are used to design a program that includes sports, a suitable diet and treatments.
In addition to these tests and cures, the Six Senses Ibiza spa also offers intravenous vitamin shots and treatments that use the 528 Hz frequency, which is said to have a positive effect on DNA.
During your stay, you will also be able to meet an expert osteopath, physiotherapist and hypnotherapist who will organize personalized sessions in order to push the refocusing on oneself even further to allow you to reconnect physically, emotionally and spiritually. After several questions, this special coach will stretch and massage you with a hypnotic soundtrack in the background. Whether you like it or not, you will not leave indifferent!

SS Ibiza 05 Dining header on web replacing Eyal in the field

The Six Senses hotel or the paradise of the 5 senses


The Six Senses Hotel is also a place of taste with 5 restaurants and bars located on site. You will find the HaSalon of chef Eyal Shani, who is inspired by the island’s products to create recipes with Mediterranean notes. For Japanese specialties such as melt-in-your-mouth sashimi and tasty sushi, a visit to the Bondst restaurant is a must. Located in the Cave, a rocky recess facing the sea, you will taste Japanese products made on the spot in a very pleasant setting.

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